Building beautiful, integrated, results-driven websites

Yep, we build websites and mobile apps that work, work well, and retain (or even increase) in value. Our developers are also skilled problem-solvers who go way beyond just making things look good in a browser or on a smartphone. Designing and building award-winning websites and mobile apps that not only look beautiful, but maximize conversions too, is what our company is founded on and what our reputation is built upon.

Our technology-neutral stance ensures that the frameworks, software, hosting and content management systems that we’ll recommend fit your exact requirements. From the initial pitch and ideas to the ongoing support and guidance we provide, we’ll work in partnership with you every step of the way.
Communication is the key to success.


WordPress powers more than 50% of the web. It is highly tractile; capable of granting creative coding and new technology implementations meaning it will always stay forefront and current. Our developers are true WordPress Development Wizards, and we also conjure developmental magic within Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento for our eCommerce clients.


Creative excellence with brand expertise

Our creative teams are multi-layered and multi-talented. We bring your brand to life digitally, working with an atomic design process to give you ultimate flexibility.

Designing your website or mobile app assets from individual components upwards, creates an ecosystem of assets allowing  us to create your page templates with ease and place user experience at the heart of the process. Inspiring, mobile-first and impactful designs, where color, typography, images and movement blend seamlessly together are what we love to do. We know what it takes to make a well designed website, that not only looks outstanding but works effortlessly too.



Agile and waterfall approaches blended


Start your project with hands-on, experienced strategic direction to set your project up for success so it achieves its goals.

User Experience

Know thy user, inside and out, their experience on your digital platform is crucial when it comes to maximizing conversions.


Planing the content requirements early to enable dual work streams that flow together as the project comes alive.

Digital marketing

Make your site relevant to the intent of searchers looking for you and align your marketing efforts to the project right from the get-go.


Bring the digital platform to life with exceptional atomic design, movement & color intertwined from the findings of comprehensive user research.


Build the technical infrastructure and integrations you need to future proof your business to 2020 and beyond.


Where the magic happens, the build stage brings together every element of the project to deliver your new website or mobile app.

UAT testing & launch

Without doubt, the most important part of the project; making sure it works. Rigorous and thorough we leave no stone unturned to ensure the smooth launch to your new site.

What You Can Expect During the Web Design Process

Web Development Phases

  1. Discovery Phase:

The initial phase of the web design process is perhaps the most important phase as it sets the foundation for everything that follows. This phase is an opportunity to help us understand you as a person, your company, your business needs, what makes your brand different and your buyer personas/target market.

This phase will include:

  • Discovery document/brand questionnaire
  • Kick off meeting with stakeholders
  • Business analysis/domain research, including competitor and industry analysis
  • Review of your current assets, branding materials and other applicable collateral
  1. The Site Planning Phase

The second phase takes everything we’ve learned in the discovery phase and we begin to formulate a detailed plan for your new website. This phase will also lay out integrations, access needs for integrations, content and how they will be implemented on your website.

This phase will include:

  • Site Architecture – Your planned site map
  • Site integrations/access document

3. The Design Phase

This third phase is when all the information gathered thus far is compiled and we can begin the design of your site. Your site will be built on a private subdomain and serve as a location to view your site, updates and progress AFTER the initial design is completed.

This phase will include:

  • Creation of all visual content
  • Creation of your website’s design aspects

4. The Content Development Phase

The content development phase may coincide with the design phase and may be done by you as the customer or by Ideal Digital based on findings in phase 2. The content should be completed to coincide with the site map and consist of the relevant information needed for each page.

This phase includes:

  • Gather/assemble all relevant content
  • Interview/Research
  • Create any necessary copy for the site
  • Shoot or produce necessary site media (photos, videos, .PDF, etc)
  • Creation of metadata for your site – (keywords, descriptions, SEO tags, etc)

5. The Building Phase

This building phase is the phase in which your site comes to life, designs have been fully implemented and functionality is established. All of the interactive elements including mobile responsiveness, navigation, custom .CSS, API integrations, custom programming, third party applications and everything else comes together.

This phase includes:

  • Finalize site updates
  • Add all content elements
  • Create and test static/mobile design elements
  • Develop special features, integrations and interactivity
  • Optimize site elements for SEO


6. The QA Phase

The QA phase is when our team and your team should fully use the website as an end user to ensure that functionality meets your requirements as well as the needs of your customers. If changes need to be made, document these website changes and send via email so that we can ensure all changes are made specifically as requested for full transparency into the process.

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